Decrease of monetary thresholds for IPOs for Certain Sectors

Due to the difficulties for certain sectors to reach the increased financial thresholds while considering an initial public offering (IPO), on 28.03.2024, the Capital Markets Board (Board) has announced a principle decision regarding the decrease of the monetary thresholds, which was increased at the end of 2023 for certain companies operating in the

Sustainability Reporting Becomes Applicable to a Wider Range of Companies

The Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (Authority) has determined the scope of application of the Turkish Sustainability Reporting Standards (TSRS) while preparation of sustainability reports by businesses, companies and institutions through the decision of its Board (Board) dated 27 December 2023.

Draft Regulation on Operation of Carbon Markets is Submitted to Public’s View

The Draft Regulation on the Operation of Carbon Markets (“Draft Regulation”) as a part of secondary legislations to Draft Climate Law is submitted to public’s view.