Template Report re Sustainability Principles Compliance is published.

Sustainability Principles Compliance Framework (the “Sustainability Principles”) published by the Capital Markets Board (the “CMB”) to set out the main principles of the sustainability works of...

The Personal Data Protection Board’s Announcement Ended the SMS Practice of Stores.

The Personal Data Protection Board (“KVKK”) ruled with its announcement dated 17.12.2021 that the processing of personal data at stores by sending a verification code to data subjects via SMS...

International Arbitration Guide

We are pleased to have authored The Legal 500: International Arbitration Country Comparative Guide – Turkey.

Market share thresholds under the Block Exemption Communique on Vertical Agreements are lowered

Communiqué No. 2021/4 (“Amendment Communiqué numbered 2021/4”)..

Turkey Ratifies the Paris Climate Agreement

“The Law Regarding the Approval of the Paris Agreement” which was published in the Official Gazette dated 7 October 2021 and numbered 31621 entered into force.

Recent Amendments in the Communiqué re Asset and Mortgage Backed Securities

The Communiqué No:III-58.1.c amending the Communiqué on Asset and Mortgage Backed Securities No: III-58.1 (the “Communiqué) issued by the Capital Markets Board (the “Board”) entered into force on...

Recent Developments in Tender Offers

The Communiqué Amending the Communiqué on Tender Offers No. II-26.1 (II-26.1.ç) (“New Communiqué”), the draft of which was published by the Capital Markets Board (the “Board”) on 1 February 2021...